Romania camp

Romanian Summer Camp Report 2008  report by Anca Wallmen Sensei

At the end of July, the Romanian Kyokushin Federation hosted the National Summer Camp, an event that gathered over 160 participants under the supervision of Shihan Furko Kalman 7th Dan and Shihan Satoshi Yui 5th Dan. The summer camp stretched over a three day period culminating with a Grade Examination on the forth day. There were two training sessions per day, the morning sessions consisting of very hard physical training while the evening training emphasised kata practice and bunkai  both the traditional form and Shihan Yui’s own vision on the bunkai.
On the forth day the examination proved to be a very hard test for all the examinees. After three days of intense physical training all the participants could barely walk normal. The strictness and exigency of Shihan Kalman were felt during the examination, causing a few examinees to recognise their insufficient preparation.
The black belts together with Shihan Yui performed a short demonstration during the local Pancake Festival that concurred with the last days of the summer camp. A very important message that Shihan Yui also wanted to pass to everybody, especially to the children, was the importance of respecting nature and keeping a clean environment. In this spirit, the morning before the examination Shihan Yui co-ordinated all the participants in an action of






collecting the garbage from the central part of the resort.   

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